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Derek Garden Centre has become a local leader in landscaping. This work is divided in various stages:

Stage 1: Consultancy and Design

A team of design experts meet the client to find out what s/he wishes. This first meeting is important to establish the general look and feel that the place should portray once the project is complete. The client will also outline what the place will be used for so as to take into consideration the need for open spaces, living areas, bbq areas, pools etc. The whole project will focus on these requests to make sure that the final work is exactly what the client is expecting.

Stage 2: On site Survey

At this stage, Derek Garden Center's team of expert gardeners will survey the site at different times of the day. This is necessary to establish information that will be vital for the plants inserted. Natural elements like sun, shadow and wind will be analysed and recorded to determine the best suited plants for each area. At this stage, the design will commence. The client is advised on how the site should be used to create the desired effect keeping in mind the best choice of plants to use.

Derek Garden Centre will present the client with a choice of plants, shrubs and trees that will help the garden acquire the desired character. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, Derek Garden Centre can dearly advise clients on the best choice of plants according to the Maltese climate. The choice of plants will also provide a good flourish of foliage and colour in every season.

Pools, ponds, fountains and paving areas are incorporated in the design. A 3D-image and virtual tour of the place can also be created (at an extra charge) to help the client visualise the final effect. Once the client approves the design, work commences. Water irrigation will also be designed at this stage.

Stage 3: The Hard Work starts

Rich, fertile soil is brought on site and distributed in the correct places. The soil is levelled out as per the design. The chosen plants are imported and taken care of by Derek Garden Centre until they are planted. Ponds and paving areas are created. Plants and shrubs are planted in the soil. Trees are brought over and planted in their respective places. Mature trees can also be provided to create an ‘old garden’ effect. The size of trees and palms can be ordered according to the needs of the client. Height of palm trees vary between 2 and 8 metres. An ‘instant garden’ effect can be created when planting mature plants. Derek Garden Centre can also transplant trees from one garden to another without harming the tree.

Derek Garden Stores can also instal trellis, fences, arches and other elements that give focal points to the garden and can be used for climbers.

Stage 4: The Irrigation System

Malta is abundant in sunshine but lacks rain. Summers are very hot, dry and long. Without a good irrigation system a garden will only survive for a few days.

While the gardeners are landscaping the site, another team of experts will be analysing the water supply. Samples are taken to local laboratories equipped to test the water for salt conductivity. This factor plays an important role in the well being of plants. Once the results are obtained a set of fertilisers will be recommended to the client to balance out any water imperfections.

The irrigation system will then be installed. A good irrigation system will take into consideration the amount of water required for each and every plant according to its species and also based on the location in which it is found. A good time for irrigation is determined and a computerised system is set up. Such a system will automatically switch on and control the water supply at scheduled instances. The system will also include adequate fertilisers in the water supply through appropriate diluters that are installed with the system.

Stage 5: Garden Maintenance

Once the project is ready, the client can enter into a maintenance agreement with Derek Garden Centre to take care of the garden to keep it in a healthy state. This will include: weeding, checking the irrigation system, potting of new plants and other gardening services required. An important aspect of garden maintenance is the control of parasites and plant diseases. These are treated with pesticides conformant with EU standards. The pesticides used are not harmful to humans and are also safe for children and pets.