Getting Married in Malta

If you are looking for a destination wedding, Malta is definitely a top choice venue for your special day.

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If you are looking for a destination wedding, Malta is definitely a top choice venue for your special day.Malta is perfect if you are looking to combine your wedding with the little bit of magic that Malta provides. It is well known for its elaborate and sophisticated weddings ranging from small intimate ceremonies to large social events attended by hundreds of people. Set in beautifully landscaped villages with lush planting and beautiful beaches provide an idyllic location for saying I do with a photo or two.

Your wedding by the poolside is a way of using a swimming pool as a central decorating element on your big day. So break from the traditional church wedding and create a more colourful setting by a majestic pool or on the beach. Choose an outdoor ceremony in Malta by our intimate and tranquil Mediterranean sea or by a pool area in any of our deluxe hotels and resorts.

Once in Malta you will get all the help you need to plan the wedding of your dreams! So don’t stress about the big day, let the experts guide you through all the ups and downs, every step of the way. Malta’s location also makes it a popular destination for foreigners who have family and friends living around the globe, who are in need of a strategic gathering point, due to its central position in the Mediterranean.

The spa and other pampering services in Malta are perfect for any pre-wedding stress or jitters you may have, our highly skilled professional therapists will help you relax and unwind within a tranquil setting or the comfort of your own room.

Having your wedding in Malta will ensure you are left with dreamlike memories to treasure forever.  So don’t delay, come for a visit or search the array of sites dedicated to Malta for more information and to discover all the wonders Malta has to offer. The restaurants and bars deliver the perfect back drop to any type of wedding weekend. With a wide range of culinary speciality available all around the island, you can find professional service to cater to you and your guests’ every need.

Here in Malta you can find all the requisites for your wedding to make it a memorable and hassle free one. Come and choose from the crème de la crème of all amenities starting from wedding attire for all the bridal party including accessories, transportation services, including a horse driven carriage if you prefer, the finest cuisine caterers, an assortment of vendors to suit everyone’s tastes, decorations, gazebos, ice sculptures, to entertainment. And also, dress hire, tailoring service, florists and hair salons to cater for all your grooming needs.

If you desire you can also book hen and bachelor parties, organise your honeymoon, get wedding insurance and also print your wedding invitations and other stationary. All the services you need are available here in Malta and all the best of everything is readily available and you can purchase all in a short period of time as the island dimensions make it a perfect setting to quickly and efficiently accommodate all your shopping necessities. Malta boasts expert jewellers, make-up artists, nail technicians, musical services photographers and videographers, red carpet service, souvenirs and gifts for your guests etc

We advise the couple to create a suitable wedding registry which will carry a listing of all their preferences to enable them to receive their chosen gifts. Wedding packages, wedding organisers and event planners are to be found plentiful in Malta and they are all highly trained professionals.

When getting married in Malta a couple can choose to celebrate their special day in one of Malta’s variety of wedding venues like:  villas, hotels, halls, restaurants, farmhouses and more. When you have done all your shopping and all the frivolities are in order it is time to put the formalities in order too.

The legalities are an important part of the whole marriage deal and some documentation needs prior arrangement so as not to be disappointed afterwards. Below is a list of certification required and where to acquire all your documentation needed.Two or three months prior to the marriage date, the couple should make a request for the publication of marriage banns at the Public Registry. Couples are requested search online or to contact the Marriage Registry for an appointment, details below:

Documentation required are the following, to begin with:

·    Birth certificates

·    Identity cards of the couple and respective witnesses


The following information should be given to The Marriage Registrar 

·    The place (church or  other) where the marriage is going to be held 

·    The date of marriage

·    The name and surname of the priest who will celebrate the marriage ceremony

·    The surname which the bride will be using after marriage, either her maiden surname, her husband's or, in the case of widows, possibly that of her predeceased spouse.

Ten days prior to the marriage date the bride and groom have to collect three documents prepared by the Marriage Registry and submit them to the Parish Priest of the place where the wedding ceremony will be held. 

Those couples who are getting married in Gozo should apply for their marriage banns at the Marriage Registry in Victoria, Gozo.

For more info please contact the below please find contact information for Marriage Registry in Malta & Gozo


Marriage Registry (Malta)

Evans Building

Merchant Street

Valletta VLT 2000


Telephone: (+356) 2220 9200       


The Public Registry of Gozo



Telephone: (+356) 21 553 732

Email: [email protected]



Online Certificates: