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Learning English in Malta!

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Malta is one of Europe's top centresfor the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Situated in the centre of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Malta enjoys practically year-round sunshine!

In Malta we focus on delivering quality tuition and achieving results. The result is a pedagogic vision that combines professional seriousness with a teaching style that ensures success. Our teachers are all experienced and internationally qualified professionals and know that learning, if it is to be effective, must be fun.

We offer a broad range of competitively priced English courses in various schools. Each course is aimed at a specific type of client whose specific requirements we aim to meet. Schools cater for beginners as well as advanced students, for the young as well as for mature persons. One may choose brief high-intensity programs or the more relaxed medium and long duration courses.

Choosing Malta as your destination is more than a guarantee that your stay will be a successful English language learning experience. We guarantee that you will take back home with you an exciting total experience that will enrich you as a person, making you more aware of the world's diversity and of the importance of reaching out across cultural barriers.

Study and Learn English in Malta and receive the highest standard of tuition possible in a friendly, family-like environment. We want to help you improve your English so that speaking and using English becomes part of your daily life.

English courses include:

·       General English Business English

·       One-to-One English Course 

·       Mini-Group English Course

·       English in your teacher's home in Malta

·       Evening English Course

·       Services available also include:

·       Accommodation

·       Tours & Activities

·       Airport Transfers

We look forward to welcoming you to Malta and an all rounded English education.