Signature Dishes

Signature Dishes from the Maltese Kitchen of Ta' Victor Restaurant in Marsaxlokk

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Savour the best foods in Malta

Delight your taste buds with Malta’s signature dishes. Be sure to try the any of the following:



· Bigilla - made of mashed beans, served as a snack or an hors d'oeuvre and is usually eaten as a spread

· Bebbux - simmered in red wine or ale with mint, basil and marjoram. The snails are cooked, and served, in their shells



· Pastizzi - usually have a filling either of ricotta or of mushy peas, and are called pastizzi tal-irkotta, "cheesecakes", or pastizzi   tal-pizelli, "peacakes". Pastizzi are a popular and well-known Maltese food.

· Hobz biz-zejt - the bread is rubbed with tomatoes or tomato paste, drizzled with olive oil and filled with a choice or mix of tuna, olives, capers, onion, bigilla and gbejna.

· Gbejna (plural gbejniet) is an important element in a number of dishes such as soppa tal-armla. It is often added to pasta dishes or soup to enhance flavour, as a pizza topping or the filling for hobz biz-zejt.



· Kusksu - vegetable soup with small pasta beads called kusksu and fresh broad beans in season

· Soppa tal-armla - vegetable soup with fresh cheeselets and beaten eggs

· Aljotta - A Maltese fish soup with plenty of garlic, herbs, and tomatoes, likely to have been an adaptation of the bouillabaisse

· Kawlata - made with vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice and common ingredients such as beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes


Pasta & Rice

· Imqarrun - made with macaroni, bolognese style meat sauce and egg

· Ross il-forn - baked rice


Meat Dishes

· Fenek - Moqli or Stuffat (either fried or stewed)

· Qarabali - Stuffed marrows

· Bragioli - beef olives slices of meat filled with eggs, bacon and parsley

· Laham taz-Ziemel - fried or baked in a white wine sauce


Fish Dishes

· Lampuki - local fish either fried in olive oil and served with piquant sauce or prepared as a pie with tomatoes, onions, black olives, spinach, sultanas and walnuts

· Qarnita - Octopus cooked and served with garlic or cooked as a stew

· Klamari - can be served stuffed with rice, breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic and capers and then gently stewing in red wine



· Qubbajt - Maltese nougat, flavoured with almonds or hazelnuts and traditionally sold on feast days

· Mqaret - deep fried diamond-shaped pastry stuffed with chopped, spiced dates

· Kannoli - ricotta filled fried crisp pastry tubes, sometimes sweetened with chocolate chips or candied fruit

· Qaghh tal-ghasel - sweet rings made from a light pastry with a filling made of treacle, semolina, citrus zest, cinnamon and cloves

· Pudina tal-hobz - baked bread pudding with raisins and cocoa powder


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