The Outdoor Experience

Modern design meets comfort with Kettal Outdoor Furniture

The Outdoor Experience image

Modern yet comfortable. Artistically bold, yet designed to fit with the natural surroundings. This is the concept of Kettal, which has been blending the experiences of art, the outdoor lifestyle and design since 1964. Though a veteran in the field, the company based in Barcelona, Spain, stays fresh by constantly introducing new ideas for modern yet livable outdoor furnishings. Those looking to furnish the outdoor spaces in their Caribbean vacation home will find a variety of stunning options in Kettal's interactive online catalog.

To design spaces that fit with their outdoor surroundings and experiences, Kettal combines an array of styles, materials, manufacturing techniques and colors. All of the materials used, from artisan braiding to brushed aluminum, are as versatile and weather-resistant as they are beautiful. Kettal offers a plethora of collections to satisfy unique tastes and design needs. The company's Xxl collection (pictured top) features curved and generous-sized pieces designed to play up the architecture of large outdoor spaces that are both stylish and comfortable.

The modular and funky Tobo collection, featuring an aluminum frame and comfortable cushions, can be customized to match any color. For a more refined look, the slick and sophisticated Manhattan collection was specifically designed to bring the shapes and dimensions of indoor furnishings outdoors. Those who enjoy minimalistic and modern design will lust after the metallic tones, aluminum frames and Textaline mesh of the sexy Via collection.